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NHS England is increasing transparency in the NHS and improving services for patients. It works with NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and the public to improve the health outcomes for people in England.

The Care Quality Commission checks all hospitals, dentists, care homes and care services to see if they meet national standards. You can find out what they have to say about these services in your area by visiting their website.

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group  (BCCG) With a budget of around £470m BCCG plans, organises and purchases NHS funded health care for the people of Bedfordshire. This includes hospital services, community health services (such as district nursing, health visiting and various therapies) and mental health services. BCCG has five Locality Boards. The Bedford Locality budget is estimated to be 40% of the total BCCG budget.

Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire is our colleague organisation which covers central and southern Bedfordshire - excepting Luton Borough which has its own local Healthwatch.

Bedford Borough Council became a Unitary Authority on 1st April 2009. It provides a wide range of services for over 157,800 residents and 65,000 homes in Bedford, Kempston and 45 parishes.

Healthwatch England is the independent consumer champion for health and social care in England. Working with a network of 152 local Healthwatch organisations, its role is to ensure that the voices of consumers and those who use health and social services reach the ears of the decision makers.

Voice offers help (called advocacy) to young people who are living in care or have recently left care, but can also help you if you cannot live at home anymore and feel you need extra support and services.

Carers in Bedfordshire is a not-for-profit registered charity providing support for carers of family members and friends throughout Bedfordshire including those whose cared for are in a residential setting or has recently passed away. Carers in Beds can provide you with emotional and practical support, advocacy, signposting, training and social environments according to your needs and wishes.

The Retirement Education Centre (REC) in Bedford is a registered charity providing educational, social and recreational opportunities during the day to anyone over 50. It also offers weekend, summer and evening courses to anyone over 18.

Independent Age is a charity founded over 150 years ago. It helps older people to live more fulfilling lives through the “ABC” of Advice, Befriending and Campaigning for a fair deal in policy and practice. It provides a wide range of free guides and fact sheets to help you.

The Self Care Forum is about looking after yourself in a healthy way. It can be anything from brushing your teeth, doing some exercise, managing common conditions (like headaches, colds and flu) or living with a long-term health problem, such as asthma or diabetes. The Forum has a tremendous amount of information to help you.