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**Calling all nurses of Caribbean descent**


**Calling all nurses of Caribbean descent**

HBB have been approached by the etired Caribbean Nurses' Assoc. (Bedford), who are looking to locate a Caribbean nurse, whose first arrival was at Tilbury Docks. They would like to speak with her / him, as a matter of urgency for a small project. Their deadline is Wednesday 23 May.

If you know of any such person, please would you be willing to connect them? The RCNA would really appreciate your help in this.

Thank you, kindly.

On behalf of Glenor Roberts, Facilitator,

for Retired Caribbean Nurses' Assoc. (Bedford)





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Deaf Social will take place on 27 Oct 2018

Location: The Quarry Theatre at St Luke's Peter's, 26 St Peters St, Bedford MK40 2NN

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