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Your spotlight on local services


You may already be a volunteer for a local community organisation, and as Healthwatch Bedford Borough is developing its model as a "Network of Networks" we would like to hear from you to ensure that your organisation is aware of HBB. This will help us to ensure that the reach of HBB is all-embracing.  

We understand that not all voices are being heard in our local communities, and also that English is not everyone's first language- volunteers can help us include a wider range of people in our work.

We know that people can be unaware of the care and support that is available, and feel excluded from services. We also know that access to services and treatment isn’t always equal.

Healthwatch Bedford Borough are looking to build a team of committed volunteers who can support us to:

  • be the voice of the whole community.
  • help people who find it difficult to access services, or those who are in disadvantaged areas.
  • reach vulnerable individuals or groups who experience inequalities.

Bedford Borough is one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the East of England, with up to 100 different ethnic groups living within its boundary.

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